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High Rise Storage Racks

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of High Rise Storage Racks, Heavy Duty Pallet Racking Systems, Heavy Duty Pallet Racks, Drive In Racks, Multi Tier Racks, Multitier Racking Systems, Cantilever Racks and our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

A) Pallet Racks :

These units are used in store houses mainly for pallet storage. These used for heavier loads ie Max loads upto 3 tonnes per level Frame ( Rack Height of upto 7 mtrs ) Verticals frame are made from Rolled Formed Sections Section Cross section is of 8 fold rolled formed section Section Thickness / Cross Section dimension vary depending upon Load Sizes and rack dimensions these are made from Cr ca Rolled Formed Materials Confirming to IS 5986:2002 / IS20620:2006 Horizontal Beams and Pallet Supports are made from Cr Sheets confirming to IS 513 / 63 Varaints : these structures are also used for FIFO Racks.

B) Drive In Racks :

This Type Of Racking uses Fewer aisles and Stores nearly 70 % more pallets as compared to Convention type layout Pallets Slide backwards on a contineous rail Adjustable Heights for storage of pallets.

C) Multi Tier Racks :

These type of racks are used where Maximum Storage Height is to be Utilised These racks Have Multiple Levels which are accessed by means of Gangways Where in you can use hand trolleys for movement of material Goods can be moved up and down by means of Goods Lift or can be done manually by access through StairCase Basic Structure For Light and Medium Weight Racking is Slotted Angle / Boltless ( Light Duty / Medium Duty ) High Rise Racks for Heavier Storage.

D) Cantilever Racks :

This types of racks are used for keeping long length slender material storage These racks Have Multiple Levels which are accessed by means of Gangways Suitable for keeping bar materials in raw material stores area and process area.